In 2001, official sponsors of the Norwegian skiing team's, Alpine and Nordic combined.

In 2004, we created Dragonski international long distance Team with several victories (Transjurassienne, Marcia Longa ...) with Juan Jesus GUTTIEREZ, Diego Ruiz, Maurizio POZZI.

In 2005, technical partner of the French biathlon Team until the Turin Olympics 2006.

In 2008, technical partner of the biathlete Victoria Padial - ESP

Since we supported in their successful... Guttierez, Pozzi, Petra Magdic, Marie-Laure Brunet, Jean-Guillaume Beatrix, Yann Guigonnet, Marine Dusser, Cyril Buisson, Yan Kopriva, Team Grenoble, Team Origin'haut, Thomas Girot, Clément Arnault, Simon Desthieux, ...

Any request for sponsorship must be received before the end of June at follows:

21 av. des Carres - 74940 Annec-le-vieux - FRANCE

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